Developing a sound strategy is the first and most important step in building your marketing program.

At Lighthouse Communications, sound marketing strategy is based on our proprietary 14-question Marketing Brief. This Brief helps us define your audience and your message, ensuring that the strategy we develop together is the most targeted and effective approach.

Through simple yet penetrating questions, the Brief covers such topics as Target Audience, Project Objectives, Product/Service Benefits, Calls-to-Action, Competition, Measuring Success, and other key issues.

In the short amount of time needed to complete the Brief, we'll help you determine the best approach to marketing your organization's products or services. Together we'll develop a strategy that assures you maximum results within the most cost-effective budget.

360 Systems: Direct-Mail, Trade Advertising, Trade Show Graphics, Brochures, Web Site, Packaging, Technical Reports.

Athenic Systems: Brochures, Web Site, Trade Advertising, Brand Identity, Trade Show Graphics, On-Line Product Demos, Press Releases.

Avica Technology: Direct-Mail.

Bittree: Product Catalog, Web Site, Trade Advertising, Trade Show Graphics, Direct-Mail, Press Releases, Distributor Kits.

Extreme Action Sports of America: Business and Marketing Plan, Exhibitor Package, Press Releases.

General Bank: Corporate Brochures, Annual Reports, Consumer Advertising, Direct-Mail, Web Site, Trade Show Graphics, Newsletters, Press Releases.

Henry Engineering: Trade Advertising, Product Spec Sheets.

Net Silicon Softworks Group: Trade Advertising.

Sage Publications: Direct-Mail, Consumer Advertising, Product Catalogs, Trade Show Graphics.

Semtech: Trade Advertising.

Tech Science Press: Direct-Mail, Product Catalog, Consumer Advertising, Brand Identity.

Xircom: Direct-Mail, Distributor Communications, Web Ad Banners, Trade Show Graphics.

For more information about Copywriting -- the second of three service areas we offer -- click below.

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