Lighthouse Communications provides its Corporate and Professional-Service clients with a powerful combination of marketing expertise. We offer three areas of service -- Strategy Development, Copywriting, and Graphic Design. You're free to choose any or all that fit your organization's needs. Each service area is briefly summarized below.

Strategy Development: Defining Your Approach
Before beginning your project, we'll first complete our 14-question Marketing Brief. This proprietary Brief helps us define your audience, message and media, ensuring that our final marketing strategy is the most targeted and effective approach.

Copywriting: Developing Your Message
The next step in turning your prospects into customers is developing your message. Focusing on the needs and emotions of the reader, our copywriters will carefully craft your message into a powerful piece that sells.

Graphic Design: Delivering Your Program
We know how to produce effective, sales-driven marketing pieces -- on time and on budget. To ensure quality and timeliness, all graphic design, photography, printing and other services are either performed or managed in-house.

In addition to the flexibility of choosing the types of services you need, you'll also benefit from the convenience and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing. Working with us is like having an entire marketing department right on staff -- when you need it, where you need it -- without committing to salary, benefits, overhead and infrastructure.

For more information about Strategy Development -- the first of three service areas we offer -- click below.

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